when you love a song but you listened to it a lot during a really bad time in your life so it reminds you of bad times


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Ok guys I need to talk about this movie.

The Breakfast Club came out in 1985 and to this day is, in my opinion, one of the greatest damn movies ever to barely even have a script.

During the famous “dance” scene, Molly Ringwald, who played the “princess” Claire, was supposed to a small little dance by herself, but she was shy so all of them did some dancing together, creating one of the most famous film scene’s to date. It was improvised.

During the scene in the film where the characters sat down and told why they were there, there was NO SCRIPT. John Hughes told the cast to sit there and improvise why they thought their characters were there, creating that heart wrenching scene everyone could relate to.

EVERYONE can relate to this movie and thats the best damn thing. 

On March 24, 1984, five students entered a detention room thinking it was just another Saturday. Before the day was over, they broke the rules, bared their souls, and touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.


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{DRAMAtical Murder} Characters x Seiyuu [Part 1]

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puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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"You two have managed to accomplish something together no one ever has; you surprised me.”

I’ve been fucking waiting for this photo set right here, and let me tell you why. Monsters University quickly became my favorite movie due to a single fact, that these two? They failed. They actually went to school and they failed, they didn’t get brought back in, they didn’t make a miraculous come back at the end, they fucking failed College. 

But that didn’t stop them. Through hard work, perseverance, and taking opportunities that came a long instead of just settling for where they were at, they were able so still make it to where they wanted to be.

That is super powerful, it gives you hope, knowing that college isn’t the only way. Because you know what? It isn’t, you don’t have to go to college to get to where you want to be or to be happy. You just got to take chances, take opportunities, swallow that fear and do things to help change your life for the better. If you believe college is it? Fantastic! Go for it!

However, remember: Life is never over if you fail something. You just got to look for opportunities to bring yourself back up.

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I made another list. It has a lot of feels.

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Artist: Keaton Henson
Track: "Charon"
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And It seems as though
I’m on my own
And time transcends

And it seems I speak
like waters leak
And I’m losing friends

And there’ll be coins on my eyes
There’ll be coins on my eyes
To pay Charon
Before I let you near my son

And I don’t feel well
oh, couldn’t you tell,
From the way I touch my face?

My thoughts are low
And I cannot grow
In this small space

But there’ll be coins on my eyes
There’ll be coins on my eyes
To pay Charon,
Before I let you near my son

And I ain’t no,
And I ain’t no,
And I ain’t no Hercules
I ain’t no Hercules

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with great power comes a great electricity bill

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Most people give the homeless change or leftovers, Mark Bustos is cutting their hair

For the past few months, New York City hairstylist Mark Bustos — who normally spends his days working at an upscale salon — has been volunteering on his days off to offer haircuts to homeless people he sees on the street. With a simple phrase, “I want to do something nice for you today,” he has been helping people get a fresh, uplifting makeover.

For people who have been trapped in a cycle of poverty, unemployment and homelessness, the makeover can also serve a useful function: looking presentable for a job.

Inspiring thanks he received from one man | Follow micdotcom

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