Artist: Depapepe
Track: "ジムノぺディ 第1番"
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Depapepe plays Gymnopedie.

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Armadillo playing x

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it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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tbh I don’t see the fuss about having waiters/waitresses not being happy and enthusiastic like I came here to eat I didn’t come here to be amused by employees as long as I’m getting my food and they’re not being blatantly rude I don’t see why y’all need to go on yelp to rank a restaurant 0/5 and have an outburst on why your waitress didn’t smile at you when she poured you water

this is pretty fucking important

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There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.


can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

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kill the imposter

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im so awful

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Artist: bitch
Track: "i see u in my dreams"
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i cry

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when u type ;) instead of :)

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Artist: Noah and The Whale
Track: "2 Atoms In A Molecule"
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Noah and the Whale | 2 Atoms In A Molecule

And if love is just a game
Then how come it’s no fun?
If love is just a game
How come I’ve never won?
I guess maybe it’s possible I might be playing it wrong
And that’s why every time I roll the dice
I always come undone

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if i ran a mile for every tumblr post i reblogged imagine how fit i would be

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